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Air Conditioning

At Efficient Climate Control, we specialise in the supply, installation, repair and maintenance of all types of air conditioning systems. From small applications like shops to some of Ireland’s largest shopping centres and public buildings. With over 20 years’ experience in the air conditioning industry we are well experienced to meet the demands of today’s customer.

We can repair and maintain all leading brands of air conditioning systems including:

Chiller Maintenance / Repair

We service, repair and overhaul all types of chillers from small air-cooled reciprocating units to large screw chillers.

Modern chillers, while much more energy efficient than older models still require regular maintenance from a qualified service engineer.


  • Investing in maintenance will significantly reduce the risk of unscheduled downtime due to untimely chiller breakdowns.
  • Chillers are high energy users and in times of rising energy prices and taxes, their operating costs will be rising in proportion.
  • Regular maintenance and the associated checks and adjustments will flag up any mechanical wear and tear and refrigerant losses, which greatly reduce efficiency levels and drive up operating costs
  • As well as maintaining efficiency levels, regular refrigerant leak testing is required to conform with current F-gas

Plant Maintenance

Efficient Climate Control carry out planned preventative maintenance on all type of building services such as 

  • Air handling units
  • Fan coils
  • Circulating pumps
  • Booster sets
  • Expansion vessels
  • Re-heat batteries
  • Chilled beams
  • Cooling towers
  • Door curtains
  • Dry coolers



…the cost of breakdown maintenance is usually much greater than preventive maintenance.

Here are other benefits of a properly operated preventive maintenance program:


  • Equipment downtime is decreased, the number of major repairs is reduced
  • Better conservation of equipment and increased life expectancy of assets, thereby eliminating premature replacement of machinery and equipment
  • Reduced overtime costs and more economical use of maintenance workers due to working on a scheduled basis instead of a crash basis to repair breakdowns
  • Timely, routine repairs circumvent fewer large-scale repairs
  • Improved safety and quality conditions for everyone


From single split type air conditioning systems to multi occupancy office blocks Efficient Climate Control can help you reap the benefits of a planned preventative maintenance (PPM) program. We can:

  • Reduce the possibility of equipment breakdown.
  • Reduce your utility and repair costs.
  • Provide preferential emergency service if the need ever arises.
  • Provide a discount on parts and labour.


Some equipment problems can DOUBLE operating costs without reducing comfort & usability.

  • Up to 80% of all refrigeration compressor pre mature failures could be eliminated if the problems that lead to the failure were corrected in a timely manner.
  • A refrigerant undercharge of only 10% can increase operating costs by almost 20%.
  • Refrigerant should never need to be replaced. If it must be added every year, there is an expensive leak that should be repaired.
  • A dirty evaporator, condenser and blower could increase refrigeration equipment electrical usage by 50% or more.
  • Just 1/100th of an inch of dirt or film on an evaporator coil can reduce its efficiency by 5%.
  • Unrepaired small problems can lead to very expensive repairs.
  • Depending on the current condition of your equipment this service may pay for itself several times over in energy saving alone.
  • Periodic safety checks can eliminate dangerous problems.


According to studies conducted, you can SAVE up to €30 a month per unit on your utility bill by making sure that your equipment is cleaned and serviced regularly.

The study concluded that proper equipment maintenance can:

Increase Comfort
Lower operating costs
Maintain system capacity
Ensure longer equipment life
Maintain or enhance your current level of operation

Start enjoying reduced operating and utility costs and increased comfort – contact us today to discuss your refrigeration or air conditioning maintenance program.